The Art Of Food Grouping

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Blimey, Emily has done it again! This time instead of colour-collecting every candy on the planet, she opted for aesthetically grouping the same food types in all the different colours and shapes, like tomatoes, citrus fruits, peppers, nuts, eggs and even all types of beans. Impressive, isn't it? Somehow, it always amazes me how aesthetically pleasing and beautiful ordinary food can look when presented in a playful context. Who is craving a juicy and summery tomato sandwich now? Pretty, aren't they? xo

P.S: How about food shopping by colour?
P.P.S: Colour me yummy and those genius food maps :)

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Kitchen Rugs: Thumbs up or down?

What's your stand on kitchen rugs and carpets? Do you like them or do you think it's too much work to keep them clean? I've been thinking for a while now about getting a proper one for our kitchen. Nothing fancy, just something neutral with stripes to go with our white decor. I love how they add a cozy feel to the room making it more welcoming and warm. Plus, since I love cooking barefoot, a soft rug would surely come in handy anytime. Thoughts? xo

P.S: How about plaid for autumn or some awesome radiator shelves?
P.P.S: Ah, this nook...

(Photos via La Petite Fabrique De Reves, The Inspired Room, Design Milk, The Kitchn, Design*Sponge, Apartment Therapy and Hooked on Houses)

The Perfect Duo!

I recently realized that whenever I'm in a hurry, I tend to fall into comfortable habits that make all the difference in the world. My recent favourite is wearing a hat with a loose messy braid. It's the best bad hair day fix or a great cover for the mornings when you forget to wash your hair. Plus, it looks so darn put together in that tomboyish-easy-going way:) Thoughts? Are you a hat or a braid person? xo

P.S: How to Frenchify your hair.
P.P.S: A forever piece...

(Photos by/via Modern Hepburn, Attimi & Ricordi, Caseys Collection, Vanessa Jackman)

Go Cheesy!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Are you a cheese-kind-of-girl? One day last week we had a few friends over for a post-birthday cheese night in with tons of wine on the side:) Growing up with parents who love cheese, I was one of those little girls who happily swapped a piece of birthday cake for a serving of Mont d'Or. Luckily, most of our friends are cheese and wine people too, so getting together is pretty easy. Since over the years many of you asked about what cheese we usually eat (and serve) here is our usual dinner party plate for the end of the summer.

The key is not to buy to much of each type, keep it neutral (nothing too stinky, have at least one firm cheese and never leave out a good serving of brie) and make sure that your selection goes well with all your sides like fresh fruits, fresh bread, crackers and wine.

Here are our usual summer choices and their ideal pairings:

French Brie Val de Soane - the most prized and celebrated of all French cheeses. Goes great with a slice of apple or a pear, and a handful of blueberries or even a piece of rustic bread.

Butter goat cheese - soft and creamy. It's perfect with a drizzle of honey, on a side of blueberries or on a slice of a juicy cantaloupe.

Mature Red Cheddar - we love it with a serving of an apple, pear, peach or a piece of tomato and nuts.

Emmental Gold Label - goes great with tomatoes, bread, nuts, peaches and red wine.

Edam - is one of those cheeses that is made for crackers, red wine, peaches, apples and fresh bread.

Aged Gouda - is best with a side of Merlot, all season fruits, especially pears and apples, plus nuts.

What cheese would you add to the mix? What's your favourite cheese right now? Would you serve a cheese plate to your quests? xo

P.S: Also, this one is perfect with a side of strawberries and this is a must as well:)
P.P.S: Plus, the secret to a stellar grilled cheese sandwich.

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Urban Jungle Take on Nails

Recently my friend Abby and I were chatting about how (at times) white nail polish can look a bit awkward. Somehow I always felt a bit uneasy about it. So after a few tries (for her wedding), Abby found the perfect off white shade that is not too bold yet makes a great statement with a dash of alabaster orchid (very light pink) undertone.

Yesterday she came by wearing it with a simple blouse and jeans and it looked gorgeous. So I am planning to pick up a bottle of essie’s urban jungle first thing this morning. Have you tried it already? What’s your favourite neutral colour manicure? xo

P.S: Great tip on avoiding chipping nails.
P.P.S: Plus, tons more beauty reads.

(Photos by Flower Girl NYC and Rocio)

How to Prevent a Cold

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

For some strange reason I'm battling a mild cold. It must be the slowly shifting weather with cooler evenings and having the window open at night. How are you? Anyway, when yesterday I went to a natural store to pick up ginger drops, the owner told me a little secret on how to prevent future colds. Supposedly if you simply increase your intake of black pepper, turmeric and ginger to your meals just when the seasons shift, (like right now) you will boost your immune system and aid digestion in no time. Apparently, black pepper has energizing qualities, turmeric is anti-inflammatory and ginger has great antiseptic properties that work like a shield against germs. Who knew!

I'm curious, do you believe in holistic medicine? xo

P.S: This natural sore throat remedy, plus this is magical.
P.P.S: And this is a must for your shower!

(Photos by RĂºstica, Sinfull Spicy and 6 Bittersweets)

Avocado Toast with a Twist!

What's your latest avocado fix? Here is mine: fresh bread with avocado slices topped with generous serving of apricot preserves and a dash of olive oil. It hits the spot every single time and if you're unsure about mixing sweet flavours with avocado, don't be, they marry perfectly! Balazs and I are having it tonight again but this time with the addition of goat cheese. Can't wait! xo

P.S: Plus a few more takes on avocado.
P.P.S: Green goddess grilled cheese sandwich = yum!

(Photos by Free People)
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